Twins in the City: Playtime at Castlewood Manor

From Amazon: For Lady Gemma, the American Marchioness of Kentshire, the next month will be filled with fun in the sun and an eye-popping house hunt in London with her husband, Sir Kyle, their twins, and Scottish Nanny Figgy. The shores of Bermuda are a welcome respite for the genteel family as they enjoy romantic evenings and daytime jaunts to the beach at the exclusive Princess Resort. The who’s who of Bermuda clamor around Lady Gemma and Sir Kyle, including the director and producer of a Theatreland pop-up play who want Gemma’s actress mama, Jillian Phillips, to be their leading lady. When a society patron’s suspicious death occurs, it sets off a trail of deception, thievery & nefarious deeds that follow Lady Gemma as she and her family depart the scenic, island shores to search for their city home. The house-hunt is on, taking the almost-royal couple on a tour of the opulent homes of Notting Hill, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, and the prestigious Kensington Palace Gardens aka Billionaire’s Boulevard. The royals want Lady Gemma and Sir Kyle as neighbors as the final selection looms, but will fate intervene? A gala at the palace, a former Queen’s jewels, and a shocking revelation from the past jolts Lady Gemma’s and Sir Kyle’s world. As a villainous scheme turns an idyllic evening into a royal night of terror, will their life ever be the same?

My Review: This was interesting to read. The luxurious details abound throughout this novel filled with love, murder, palaces, jewels as in crown jewels, stolen jewels, life saving nannies, the stage with actors and scary scenes that involve Scotland Yard. Five stars.

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