From Amazon: Many trees in this antique world like orphans but their earth and roots are very strong.
Some trees, are subjected to inhuman torture, by wild animal/people, all of them good but fate not supported. The stems were half-burnt in the fire but they are still alive in the kindle roots. A collage of fun, agony, love, quirkiness and emotions that bonds together in one dreamland.


On the ruined mind wall
Some orchids
Some wilted leaves
Some incomplete bird nests
And cobwebs
The poor frescoes gasp softly
abused of hues of dreams,
willing not to dress up,
as before.
Once has written
a neighbor
with charcoal onto it,
her faded history.


Alighting, a whore moon,
to my hazel yellow garden,

Her ember eyes sparkle
as a wounded tigress,

pale sharp meteors
as children

acidic rain
comes down in force
to absorb
salty sweats
of blue earth.

My Review: This book is full of beautiful poems written in a rhymic manner of awe and wonder. Five stars. Note: Roman Numeraling is off but doesn’t detract from each poem.

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