Happy Birthday, Sammy! #CaptSam #WhenAngelsFly

37. Who would you have been? Might your best friend be your older brother? Are you tow headed in Heaven? Golden Blonde Haired Boy is what you brother loves to call the precious photo of you with a golden background – as below. Forever age five years in Heaven. You are so loved and missed. You and Shane are togetehr in heaven, born three years apart, to Heaven eight years apart. 37. Who would you be? Who would you have become?

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sammy! #CaptSam #WhenAngelsFly

  1. Today is a day to celebrate the short life of a magical young boy. Those lucky enough to know him can grieve and love. Those of us who never met him but know so much about him can miss him anyway and appreciate parents’ love. Sammy was lucky to have a mom who never forgets and always keeps him alive in the hearts of others. Happy birthday, Sammy, and best to you, Mary.

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