No Cure for Love #romance

From Amazon: A dangerously cavalier hero unwilling to follow doctor’s orders. A dedicated, compassionate heroine determined to heal. Jamie Calderone is a charming and carefree bachelor who lives life with reckless abandon. His trip to the hospital for yet another sports-related injury finds him back under the care of Dr. Rylee Kavanaugh. Jamie’s fallen fast and hard for the gorgeous Irish doc and goes to great lengths to prove it to her. Rylee is a gifted, caring physician who’s chosen her career over her personal life. She’s sworn off romance because of her abysmal relationship history and her crippling abandonment issues, but she’s intrigued by the many charms of this kind, handsome man. But when the doctor discovers her patient is deliberately ignoring warning signs his body is sending him, putting his life—and her heart—in danger, she refuses to stick around to watch him self-destruct, even if it means she’ll be alone forever. Do they have the remedy for each other’s pain? And will they learn the hard way there is no cure for love? No Cure for Love, Book Five in the Calderone Family Romance Series, is a captivating story of sorrow and tears, soul-searching and self-discovery, laughter and love.

My Review: This is the fourth book in this series, and the forth book I’ve read by this author. Filled with more than one love story, the main love story is different than the three prior books. It’s fun to read the lively banter of the Calderone family. Five star romance. TRIGGER ALERT: If you have lost a loved one to cancer or its treatment, and especially a child, like I did, then be warned. Unfortunately, I read that part on my youngest son’s birthday celebrated in heaven. Losing my son at age five, and then this part triggered me. It’s a wonderful book, BUT beware of trigger aspect. That part has me in tears at this very moment.

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