Ridge: Day One (Ridge Series Book 1)

From Amazon: The darkest hour is just before dawn. But with bloodthirsty Beasts cutting brief lives shorter, can one man beat the ticking clock? Rezin Hamel will protect his people until his dying breath. Resolving to carry on past every dearly departed loved one, the forty-four-year-old General has no idea how he’s lived over a decade beyond the average life expectancy. But when he’s shamed and cast out for an out-of-character act, he sets out to end the constant attacks from creatures staining the walls with death. Searching for answers in society’s seedy underbelly, Hamel is shocked by the conditions ravaging the lower rungs of the city. But the strategic genius’s quest takes a staggering turn when he’s blindsided by a secret that could tear his tight-knit community to shreds. Can Hamel restore his honor and stop the carnage before he’s the next one taken by the Dusk? Ridge: Day One is the action-packed first book in the Ridge dystopian thriller series. If you like fantastic worlds, heart-trembling suspense, and twisted surprises, then you’ll love Shawn P. B. Robinson’s peek behind the Ridge veil. Buy Ridge: Day One to mark the calendar of doom today!

My Review: Two nations, one of honor and the other not as much, trials and tribulations hit. Disgraced general, Hamel, decides to infiltrate the other nation and find out what he could in regards to his nations death rate. His daughter is the nations matir and together the plan is hatched to get down to the bottom of what is going on. There are battles and blood, one nation honor and duty, the other no honor and malice all around, and they keep certain people as slaves. Will Hamel find the answers? Will he survive? How will events unfold? The reader will discover more than originally thought, and the ending will leave you questioning how this tragic story continues in book two.

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