Time Sneak: Emergence #scifi

From Amazon: Brain trauma has rendered 21-year-old Emily colorblind. But the ability to see far more colors than the average person is hard-wired in her brain. As a test subject, Emily believes she can help CuraeCare Pharmaceuticals detect disease, save lives, and maybe even restore her color vision. While CuraeCare aims to take advantage of Emily’s latent gift, beings from another dimension want to see the world with fresh eyes, Emily’s eyes. Meanwhile, Emily is being hunted by another CuraeCare pawn, fledgling serial killer, Laverne Eddy. While Laverne closes in on Emily, a demonically possessed CuraeCare executive penetrates her mind. As Emily will shields her from the finishing blow, her best friend Holton and a heroic indigenous shaman put up the fight of their lives to save her.

My Review: Where to start? The begining, I guess. I’ve never read any book with anything similar to this novel. We start off with a woman, Emily, who was able to see as a true Tetrachromac person with four cone types in her retina, rather than the standard three that most people have, and a brain injury that robbed her of her sight, rendering her color blind. There is so much going on in this novel, and one could reasonably wonder if anyone would survive. But I digress. Combine vision issues with technology, and you get a “anything is possible” scenario. And it was! The author touches on chimera – not in true chimera – such as one born with both male and female DNA and internal and external reproductive organs intact. But I digress. The author brings into the story chimera as a part human and part non human self mixed, then ending up as different entities all together. Add in just a touch of serial killings, evil personas, who to trust issues, and some ethnicity understandings, and you get one explosive book.

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