Clement: The Templar’s Treasure

Book Title: Clement: The Templar’s Treasure

Series: Clement (Book 3)

Author: Craig R. Hipkins

Publication Date: 4th May 2022

Publisher: Hipkins Twins

Page Length: 233 Pages

Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction

Twitter Handle: @CraigHipkins @maryanneyarde

Instagram Handles: @craighipkins3 @coffeepotbookclub

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First, thank you for having me as a guest on your blog. My name is Craig Hipkins. I am originally from Hubbardston Massachusetts, but I currently reside with my teenage son in North Carolina. My latest novel is Clement: The Templar’s Treasure which is the 3rd book in the Clement series. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, but to get a better perspective of the characters it would be advisable to start with the previous two books.

Writing has always been a big part of my life. My twin brother Jay (who died in 2018) and I created our own imaginary fantasy world when we were young. Neither one of us became serious about publishing anything until about a decade ago.

I found it not at all difficult to write my first book. It was a history book on meteors. The hardest part was the research. Some of the source material was hard to come by and I had to borrow a lot of books through interlibrary loans and from universities who were generous enough to lend me the material for my project. I found the experience rewarding and decided I would write fiction after this. I thoroughly enjoy the writing my novels. I feel as if I am living the experience with the characters as the words roll off of my brain onto the keyboard of my laptop.

I have never wanted to give up writing. I imagine I will continue to write until I am no longer able to do so.

My son Robbie has been a big supporter of my writing. Also, my mother and my brother’s widow, Tina and her sister Tracy have also been an enormous help. They encourage me to write and always proof-read my work and make corrections as needed.

I would like to tell my readers that I thank them so much for reading and supporting my writing.

Probably the best advice was given to me by my twin brother shortly before he passed away. He told me to keep writing and to never give up. I started writing my first novel, Adalbert, the day that he died. It is a sequel to his novel, Astrolabe. I came up with the idea in the hours after his death. In a way, it has helped me cope with his passing. Sometimes I feel that Jay is feeding me ideas and that when I am writing, it is actually him using me as a receptacle to his thoughts.

My target audience is YA but I hope that all adults at any age will enjoy my books. One of the strong themes of the Clement series is friendship. Also, loyalty and perseverance when confronted with hardship. Clement is strong willed and completely loyal to his friends who in turn give him the same respect.

I worked with an artist to create the covers for my books. I usually have a good idea of what I am looking for, but the artist can bring it to life.

I am currently working on another YA novel called Bandy. It takes place in the months preceding the US Civil War and the attack on Fort Sumter. It is about a lonely young boy named Isaac Barker whose only friend is a passenger pigeon named Bandy. He is orphaned after his family dies in a tragic house fire and he goes to live with his elderly uncle in Boston. His uncle is an ardent abolitionist. He sends young Isaac to Virginia to bring back a young slave girl named Joy, who is dying of a brain tumor. However, when he arrives in Virginia, Isaac realizes that his uncle has been duped. Isaac and Joy escape from the plantation and the rest of the novel is filled with excitement and adventure as the two unlikely friends attempt to avoid their evil pursuers. I am currently attempting to find an agent and publisher for this book.

I hope that my readers enjoy my latest book Clement: The Templar’s Treasure.

Clement: The Templar’s Treasure

(Clement, Book 3)

By Craig R. Hipkins


Clement & Dagena return for another action packed adventure. From the cold and dreary shores of Greenland to the fabled land of Vinland. The legendary treasure of the Knights Templar awaits.

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Author Bio

Craig R. Hipkins grew up in Hubbardston Massachusetts. He is the author of medieval and gothic fiction. His novel, Adalbert is the sequel to Astrolabe written by his late twin brother Jay S. Hipkins (1968-2018) He is an avid long-distance runner and enjoys astronomy in his spare time.

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