Clutching Darkness #GoodVsEvil

From Amazon: Book 2 in the HUNTING FOR LIGHT Trilogy! The second Healer’s been found! Kate Murphy is one step closer to shifting the balance of good and evil. The question is: Can she convince the second Healer to join her modern quest? As Kate musters enough confidence to train the second Healer and lead her clan, the Hunter lurks in the backdrop, accumulating power. And he has a secret. One that could turn the tide of the ongoing battle between good and evil. Just as Kate manages to fully welcome the second Healer, the Hunter strikes. And he hits close to home once more. The Society of Healers begins to unravel as the Hunter poisons the minds of those around her. As Kate loses control, the second Healer, Mira Michaels – a mother, widow, vet student, and descendent of Irish and African immigrants – must decide whether or not she fully accepts her role as a Healer. And if she does, is it worth the risk? Join Kate Murphy and Mira Michaels in the continuation of their unexpected, epic adventure!

My Review: I enjoyed book one in this trilogy and book two didn’t disappoint. Kate finds her second healer and the second healer must overcome her thoughts and feelings to see if she is willing to join Kate in a battle between good and evil. The ending leaves you wanting to know what happened. We shall find out in book three!

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