Nick S. Klaus #romance #Christmas

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From Amazon: Nick S. Klaus is a patient man, but living next door to Mandy Alexander for five years has him running low this Christmas season. He wants nothing more than to make her his Mrs. Klaus, but she’d rather pretend he isn’t real. Mandy Alexander is a single mom and full-time teacher. She doesn’t have time to date or for the entanglements it can cause. Even if she did have time, getting involved with her next-door neighbor, and co-worker, Nick S. Klaus, had disaster written all over it. This Christmas, Nick’s determined to teach Mandy that love doesn’t have to be complicated, and he’s got two of the cutest Christmas elves to help him get the job done. Will this be the year Santa finally gets his Mrs. Klaus under the mistletoe?

My Review: Mettner has done it again. But then, my most favorite contemporary romance writer would never disappoint me. Awe. Such a perfect read on a July day. This book is seriously Christmas in July. Honestly, I love romance, add in challenging situations, all of the emotions and feels, ending in happily ever after, and you have read a book with five shiny gold stars.

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