Apples & Angel Wings #ChristmasRomance

From Amazon:

Heather Robbins

Age: 26

Looks: Tall, platinum blonde, and curvaceous

Favorite Food: Apple pastries from The Nightingale Diner

Status: Single, but secretly in love with Bells Pass’s police detective

Gabriel Dennison

Age: 27

Looks: Tall, dark, and handsome

Favorite Food: Baked Chicken from The Nightingale Diner

Status: Single, but secretly in love with his favorite cosmetologist

It’s Christmastime in Bells Pass again, but Heather and Gabe are anything but jolly. A disastrous homecoming dance in high school hurt them both, and neither knows how to cross the gulf of pain between them. Old bets, hidden truths, family secrets, and tiny angels will come together to show them true love does conquer all. This Christmas, Gabe and Heather might be the couple that proves the legend of the Bells Pass gazebo isn’t just a legend after all.

My Review:

Mettner has done it once again! My favorite contemporary romance writer has written another awesome book set in Bells Pass near Christmas time. Bells Pass is evocative of old small town Christmas’ and everyone takes great care of each other. The sense of loyalty to others, the love and caring, and the ambient atmosphere is sublime! Mix in a woman and a man who’ve known each other since childhood, toss in old hurts, and family dysfunction, lots of love, and kindness makes for a book that should be a Christmas movie! No one is perfect, but love prevails over skin issues, self-confidence issues, drama both nice and not as nice, and true love winning in a most beautiful “happily ever after”. That’s my perfect read.

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