Simone LaFray and the Chocolatiers’ Ball

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From Amazon: Simone leads a double life. As a covert agent, she walks in the footprints of her spy mother, darting between the shadows. If she’s not sleuthing, she’s icing eclairs and dusting pastries in her father’s patisserie. When a notorious thief returns to Paris, the patisserie is threatened, and Simone questions everything. She and her father must participate in the exclusive Chocolatiers’ Ball to redeem themselves and catch the thief. Simone’s concealed life is crumbling, the shop hangs in the balance . . . and now she needs a ball gown! Life in a French patisserie may not be as sweet as she thought.

My Review: Ahhhhh. Paris and fancy delicate chocolate confections throughout this story. I have decided I live in the wrong country since the LaFray business is so far away across the pond. This was a treat to read. If you love chocolate, pastries, tea, art, and espionage, this five star book is for you.

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