Her Alibi #Murder #SheGotAwayWithIt

.99 “Chills raked Mary and triggered her shuddering. Was she more shocked that her mother shot her stepfather, or that she left Mary as her alibi?” TrueStory #TrueCrime #HerAlibi #murder in real life.

Visions of her Cherokee grandmother, Cordie, flashed through Mary’s mind as her mother, Marguerite, informed her that her stepfather shot himself and was in the hospital. Oh no!

No! This can’t be! Not after the joking around at my home last night. NO!!!! Did she use me last night? She’d never use her scapegoat child. No, she couldn’t! Even Marguerite wouldn’t sink that low! Or would she? Marguerite had always been abusive and vile to most people, and especially to her children and husbands, but would she shoot Harold?

Yet, here I was, and I had to tell the police that, yes, my mother was at my home all evening and into the night. How despicable that my mother connived her way into using me as her alibi.

How she got away with it!

03 Sept 2022
I just want to say that the book “Her Alibi” had to come out. Harold mattered! Everyone matters! But Harold mattered, especially to his three children, Alan, Scott, and Darrel. I don’t know your faith or what you believe, but I know what I experienced yesterday morning. I had a Heavenly visit while in my recliner. Without words, no physical anything seen, my right foot was touched with pressure for several seconds. It was Harold letting me know he felt validated, finally. He appreciated my hard work (bad memories) and effort to get this book out. I’m NOT doing this for money. I have money and I donate to many things, causes, and to people in need. But this story needed to be told. Harold mattered. If family are offended, well, not the first time, nor the last time. HAROLD MATTERED! And I hated being used as her da#m alibi. I didn’t write this book for fame or such. I have too much fame as it is. But the TRUTH had to come out! Posted public so the haters can see this post.

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