The Vampire Society: Christopher and Gaspar, Book One

From Amazon: Chosen to be a vampire from before he was born, Christopher is destined to become involved in a deadly struggle between the followers of the vampire god Zenith and Radu’s rebels. Christopher was an average high school graduate until one moonlit evening, unexpected neighbors move in next door. Among them is a dashing vampire named Gaspar. Was it love at first sight, destiny, or both that brought them together? And so begins the impassioned friendship between Christopher and his enchanting new companion. As the two grow closer, Christopher’s father becomes more hateful and unruly toward Gaspar and his stepfathers. As Christopher prepares to transition into a vampire, there is more than a father’s disapproval to overcome. Evil lurks among the shadows, desperate to destroy the relationship between Christopher and Gaspar. Will their love be strong enough to keep them together, or will the pressures force them to go their separate ways? Can mere mortals survive in the vampires’ world?

My Review: Imagine, if you will, our planet with not only humans, but vampires, and more. Each with their own God and Supreme being, and each with some of their species broken off with the devil associated with them. Add in a ton of love, power, and angst, and you have a great story. For one young man found his mate in a good and benevolent vampire and their bond is strong, and family is supportive of same sex relationships. Good fighting evil and good prevailing over all. Extremely well written and five stars.

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