Reviewed by Essien Asian for Readers’ Favorite #insanity #HerAlibi #True Story @StephenKing

Reviewed by Essien Asian for Readers’ Favorite
As a child, Mary could not figure out why her mother’s behavior toward her tended to be either violent or angry. As she got older the relationship between them only got worse, so much so that she could not wait to get out of living under her mother’s control. Her siblings were not immune and even her mother’s partners bore their fair share of her vitriolic attacks. After she had moved out, got married, and started her own family, you would expect that Mary would be free of her mother’s machinations. Then she received a call about her stepfather’s death which coincided with her mother’s strange late-hour visit. Could it be that her mother somehow found a way to rope Mary into her fiendish scheme? One so unbelievable it could involve murder? Find out in Her Alibi by Mary L. Schmidt.

Mary L. Schmidt tells a compelling story in her book. Her accounts are detailed and graphic, leaving precious little to the imagination. She explains her family history thoroughly, making it easier to understand her story. It is difficult to believe that some of the events transpired in the way she recorded them, but the way the details come together in the latter stages gives the reader ample opportunity to draw conclusions as to the mental state of Mary’s mother and her capabilities. Her Alibi is another example of where reality trumps fiction and Schmidt must be commended for finding the courage to pen this book.

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