Vanquish My Agony: A Paranormal Romance

From Amazon:

For centuries, the vampire known as Viper has led his army to protect humanity from the evil that lives among them. His desire to find his one true soulmate has long since died. With a single-minded focus, he stomps out those who would destroy the world he’s devoted his deathless life to protect. Yet when he steps into a small bookstore, his once lifeless body begins to waken at the sight of her, his soulmate, his Cariturnus.

After surviving a failed marriage, Alyse desires only one thing… peace. The kind of solace that only comes from the stillness of the mountains. Yet, no matter where she goes or what she does, her dreams are haunted by a man with a sinful touch, tempting voice, and dangerous desires. When her reality collides with her fantasy, she is faced with everything she wanted and never knew she needed… Viper.

My Review:

Ms. Watters has written a masterpiece in this, book one, of this series. Alyse wants love but she is scared. Viper wants Elyse but he us a vampire. The story is richly woven and brogue used throughout. I loved reading about the catacombs in Colorado and when in Siberia, I felt cold. However, those are only two of the parts of this world the story is written. Humans and vampires can find love, but it’s made difficult when a devil vampire wants your soul. Well written, five stars.

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