Once Upon A Halloween Day #thriller

From Amazon: From monsters to cave demons, Tiffee creates Halloween tales with new, and unexpected twists. In “The Cemetery Book,” a writer gets himself in trouble when he leaves a book by his parents’ grave. “The Birth of Jazz” gives us a glimpse of what might have inspired a new music genre. The third story “Halloween Skull Flash Story” is a short, but powerful story of archaeologist who finds a skull in an Arizona cave. Purple Magic begins on All Hallows’ Eve in a pumpkin patch with the birth of a baby boy. An original fantasy story with a twist that takes the reader where they have never been.

My Review: Ah. Tis the way of this book for sure, which is to leave the reader wanting more. From being chained to a stone in a cemetery to a baby with magical powers, this set of short stories is perfect for all readers. The first story chilled me to the bone and the unique way it played out is amazing. Several stories could easily continue on in a book of it’s own. Five stars.

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