The Veil by Wanda Luthman #joy #peace

From Amazon:

The Veil is a biblical fiction book about the tearing of the veil inside the Jewish tabernacle when Jesus died on the cross. We don’t know of any eye witnesses to this from the Bible, but in the bibilical fiction story, The Veil, a Priest and a young boy who is being trained to become a Priest are eye witnesses to this spectacular event. Come along on this journey and experience this heart-pounding, fear-inducing, yet awe-inspiring event that holds so much meaning to the Christian faith.

There are references to the tearing of the veil in 3 books of the Bible (Matthew, Mark, and Luke), “the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.” Inside the Tabernacle were two rooms, The Holy Place and the Holiest of Holies. The veil separated these two rooms. The Holiest of Holies was where God lived and only one Priest was allowed to enter that room and only after being both physically and spiritually cleansed.

The tearing of the veil upon Jesus’ death represents what Jesus did for mankind on the cross–he paid the ultimate price for our sin, so we are no longer separated from a Holy God, our Creator. Therefore, we now have access to God because of the blood of Jesus. All of our sins are forgiven and we are made righteous. There is no more guilt to bear for our sins. We are free! Hallejuah!

This book was written to inspire all who read it regardless of age to “live” the experience and contemplate the wonderful gift Jesus gave us when He died upon the cross. But, his death was not final. He was raised from the dead in 3 days as was predicted by ancient prophets in the Bible. Because he was raised from the dead, He overcame death. We do still die physically, but after we die, if we have accepted this free and wonderful gift that Jesus offers us, we will join Him and His Father (God) and the Holy Spirit in Heaven and live for all eternity!

At the end of the book is a prayer and an opportunity to accept Jesus as your personal Savior so that you can accept His gift and live forever! Your eternity starts the moment you accept Jesus into your heart. You will live without guilt or shame from any past or future sins you may commit, if you sincerely repent. You will know LOVE like you have never known it before. You will know JOY and PEACE no matter the circumstances you are in. You will find a FRIEND that will NEVER leave you and that’s Jesus!

My Review:

This moving biblical story had me enthalled from the start. A Jewish boy becomes a man at age 13, and he is chosen by the priest to study under him, live with him. The most moving part was when I read the words, “it is done”. I prayed then and there. True Christiand drama and delivered in a powerful verse by the author.

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