A Schizophrenic, Tapped & Skipped: Hope In The Midst Of Madness

From Amazon: Faced with a severely schizophrenic daughter, homeless with no hope, and a heroin-addicted daughter clinging to life living in her car. A mother searches an infant boy’s eyes for the answers. How can God’s hand pull them through all this darkness? How will a mother find a different route? This is a journey through unmerciful mental madness and the torment of the people who desperately try to find help. Mentally ill are SKIPPED by society. Drug addiction is relentless. One day at a time, God’s glorious path becomes clear.

My Review: As a registered nurse, I know about addiction and mental health disabilities. Ms Stacy has written a compelling memoir. This book must have been hard to write as most memoirs with persons struggling are usually that way. Tough love is hard, and that’s an understatement. But it must be done so that addicts can reach rock bottom, and then, slowly climb out of the hell they go through. Addiction is simply that way. Schizophrenia usually shows up in late teen years or in one’s 20s. Schizophrenia is difficult to treat, keep on meds, shelters to stay, and agencies to apply at only to be turned down by most. Sadly, the picture Stacy paints with Marissa, is the actual reality. Having the courage to write this book is enough for five stars, thus that is my rating. However, the grammar, punctuation, and formatting was done poorly by those the author credits. Please know this book will open your eyes to another world if you can get past the issues in the narrative. I did, and I’m glad I read this book.

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