Sing Me a Soap Opera

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From Amazon:

“There’s always more to relationships, between the starting gate of your dreams and the finish line, which sometimes is not our favorite place to land. But once in a while, the lucky ones get a second chance.”

Take Kendal Harper for example. When Kendal, a widowed fantasy author, is strong-armed into writing a romance story about love with a co-worker and the conflicts that arise, the reluctant writer only takes the assignment because of the huge financial advancement.

After several failed attempts to complete her assignment, Kendal accepts a position at a physician’s office where she learns this job doesn’t support the necessary diagnosis to solve her problem either – until an attraction that’s likely to go nowhere grips her hard, fast, and maybe forever.

My Review:

Ricci has done it again! This is a perfect short read novelette with all the feels, angst, love, fears, and more woven into a tapestry of unexpected dimensions. This is a must read!

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