Gracie and the Trouble With Pinatas

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From Amazon: What you see is not always what you get. In fact, what you see may be nothing at all.

Finding a woman attacked and left for dead in her driveway hadn’t been anywhere near San Antonio law enforcement consultant Gracie Hofner’s cold January plans. She immediately jumps into action and soon discovers a link to what appears to be a benign local research institution. Of course, what seems to be often isn’t, and it takes a series of explosive illusions that rock a small slice of the city before Gracie and her coworkers understand the fuller picture: a rogue relationship between the research group and a corrupt faction inside the Pentagon. The shadow elements responsible for the explosions must be stopped before illusion becomes reality and mind-created objects become real and tangible… and deadly.

Gracie Hofner is back on a new assignment in her first standalone Amazing Gracie Mystery. Get your copy today and see why readers love Gracie. She’s amazing!

My Review:

This was a very awesome read that is scifi plus love, persons who had special abilities, like cloaking to make one invisible, with a few clones along the way. It was nice to see Bastion and feds work together to bring the crimes to conclusion and have a happy ending.

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