Review from Ivy Logan

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Reviewed by Ivy Logan, Author

Writing a book about your life is like opening the door to your home and welcoming strangers in. They are free to judge and to pass comments. Why do it, though? Because doing so often frees you up from the burden of memories and nightmares from the past that prey upon your mind when you’re all alone, and the shadows surround you.
Her Alibi by Mary Schmidt is one such book where the author opens her heart out. She does so without asking for or seeking pity. She shares her story bravely, head held high, without getting emotional and tearful. As the name suggests her mother most likely used her as an alibi, in an attempt to kill her stepfather (and may I add, she succeeds.) But the book details more the events leading up to his death. Her Alibi takes a look, up close and personal at the murderous intentions and rage of a woman who should have never been a wife, let alone a mother~ Mary’s mother, Marguerite. Looking at young Mary’s life filled with beatings, torture, negligence and watching it accelerate to Mary becoming an alibi to a murder is heart breaking. Her Alibi is hard hitting, and packs a punch. Author Mary L Schmidt definitely doesn’t look at life through rose tinted glasses and you know what, she isn’t apologetic about it. She seems to be a person who embraces life in all its glory and it’s ugliness too.

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