Vale #chilling #murder

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Every high school has football games, lies, crushes, secrets, dances, and murder. Right?

Months have passed since darkness invaded Vale, Louisiana, when a young girl, Leigh Thompson, disappeared. A group of teenagers tries to hide their secrets after they receive a letter threatening to expose them if they don’t tell the truth.

Things take a turn for the worse when Peyton Vale arrives in town, determined to walk each of them to the gallows for what they did to Leigh. But coming face to face with her foe, Dark Horse, she learns striking a deal with the devil is easier said than done.

The closer Dark Horse gets to discovering the truth, the more Peyton Vale conceals her own secret—and the harder it gets for the group of teens to keep theirs dead and buried.

Who is Dark Horse, and what is he after? Will Peyton Vale get her revenge?

And who are the teens more afraid of: Dark Horse, Peyton, or each other?

My Review:

This novel is nothing like novels read in the past. The prose is deeply dark and murders happen in Vale. When you think you have figured out the mystery, who did what, etcetera, the narrative switches that fast. The concept is precise yet foggy when the need arises. Story packs a punch!!

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