Keys to Eternity

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A Phantom Cult
A Shattering Deception
A Powerful Prophecy

Lust, greed, destruction. Humanity has fallen into an inverted matrix. Menacing energy vampires are hunting Jo’s best friends and siphoning the souls of StarSeeds. To save everyone she loves from extinction, Jo must collapse the false Phantom timeline using Stargate portals and time hops into the ancient Age of Lemuria.

Jo and Alicia reunite with Roma and legendary mythical Warriors. They trek through the enchanted Luminary Realms to fulfill the violet flame prophecy of the seven Eternal Archive Spheres. As the Plague of Chaos descends on innocence, the chosen Master Alchemist must embody Metatron’s organic keys to resurrect the modern timeline.

My Review:

Wow. No other book I’ve read has come close to the huge amount of energy, truth, healing, and truly shining the light on dark-sensitive subjects. The sheer beauty and eloquence found in the poetry speaks deeply. It spoke deeply to me and I have a new level of understanding divine beings. Love created this book. Not only that, but love created the universe! God is love. The meshing of the spiritual fantasy is perfect mixed with humanity. How many realms do you believe in? What level of being impathic are you? Modern times meets celestial DNA Devine Design. Five stars.

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