The Vaccine Strikes Back

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It’s January 2021 and the UK government has announced another lockdown. Follow Aunt Sheila as she cooks, drinks, binge watches everything and waits for the pubs to open. Will the vaccine roll out, masks and working from home send covid on it’s way? Join Aunt Sheila and her daily thoughts in this funny little diary. Hurry up bloody ‘Freedom Day’.

24 March Jab day – hurrah! Had a shower and put on my off-the-shoulder top. Walked to the Community centre which is now our local vaccine centre. Dammit Janet was on the door squirting everyone with hand sanitizer, she looked off her head. A nice Indian doctor went through all the side effects, then the nurse jabbed me. She admired my new top and told me to wait 15 mins in the waiting area. Everyone was watching The Chase and shouting out all the answers. Went home, took two paracetamols and a vodka shot.

25 March Can’t move my arm today, have a slight fever and a hangover. Shaz has been to have her eyes tested, she said the new young optician looked handsome even though she could only see his eyes and hair. She’s stalking him on the Internet now.

My Review:

This is the second book in this series I’ve read. Short stories centered on the pandemic and how changes happen every day. Lockdown is tough, but doable. Patel has woven humor throughout this novelette. Five stars for the way the writer has brought the pandemic into a fresh light.

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