Holiday Hiccups: Christmas Magic and Romance

From Amazon: This heartwarming, feel-good Christmas story is a wonderful holiday romance with a touch of magic! Gloria Bentley is determined not to let her lack of culinary skills stop her from trying to prepare a perfect Thanksgiving feast for family. After all, she’s a confident, business woman and a top-notch real estate agent. Gloria is used to being successful at whatever she tackles. However, she panics when pots start bubbling over, something’s burning and a very messy accident leaves her kitchen covered in gravy. Brought face to face with her terrible fear of failure, Gloria discovers an ally named Stanley Bickerman. Stanley is a handsome, last minute guest, who shows up early for dinner. He’s also a very resourceful guy who helps her navigate her way through the chaos. But who will rescue Gloria from the emotional turmoil that haunts her in the days that follow? She’s never stopped long enough to look at her feelings. When they surface, she doesn’t know what to do with them. As Christmas approaches, Gloria is overwhelmed by her out-of-whack emotions, sudden crying spells and an ailing back that keeps going out on her. What she does understand is how to be a determined professional. She decides to treat her life like a business. When she discovers that Stanley Bickerman is a successful turnaround consultant, she decides to hire him. With Stanley’s help, Gloria plans to turn around her emotional deficits and get back to normal. She isn’t prepared for Stanley’s unexpected methods. When his approach involves opening her heart to love, Gloria finds the thought scary. After being so independent, she wonders if she’s ready to share her life. Stanley is someone Gloria dreams about, but will she be able to change her ways and let him love her? Or will she end up old and bitter like her colleague? Stanley is determined to help her make the right choice.

My Review: I loved this story. For one, “happily-ever-after’s” appeal to me as does a shorter length novel. The best part of this book is reading about each character and feeling the way they feel internally. Being able to connect in such a personal manner speaks highly of the writer’s story telling ability. Happiness isn’t having a perfect life, it’s about the ups and downs and loving regardless. Five stars.

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