The Shadow’s Secrets

From Amazon: Nunzio is an idealist at heart. His heart swells with passions. Nunzio’s early years consisted of traveling and developing an appreciation for the people, the nature, and the culture of Italy. His father immersed Nunzio in literature so that even an ordinary day could remind Nunzio of a poem. While serving as the priest of a small parish in the countryside of Italy, Nunzio’s admiration of beauty gets him into trouble. Mariella, a beautiful woman with a husband.

My Review: The author gifted me with a hard bound trade edition. Anna has a unique writing style and she weaves intricate threads throughout. Love is something everyone wants, and something most search for. As much as a man and woman can love each other, that love is tempered with suffering. Such is the case with Nunzio and and Mariella. One married to his church, the other to her husband.

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