A Life Given To Me #memoir

TRIGGER WARNINGS! Do not read this post if you trigger.

From Amazon: Catherine was twelve years old standing on a sidewalk with a duffle bag of clothes as she looked at the home behind her. Its front door closed as the family behind it continued to lived their lives. A family she was unwanted by because she fought to not be abused anymore. A fight that made her lose out on family, but a fight that made her abuser never to touch her again. Her horrifying childhood tragedy was over but the emotional, mental and psychological abuse from her own family was only beginning. Running away, friendships, relationships, motherhood, reconnections and heartaches, all while living a lifetime of shame, secrets and silence. Depression, PTSD and repressed memories at the age of forty-five, sending her straight to her hometown police department. Bringing the readers for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, atmospheres and right into the scene they are reading. What did detectives find in Catherine’s childhood home? Who is the monstrous predator her birth mother harbored? How long can family secrets stay buried? What is life like growing up a statistic in a world full of abused children? My name is Catherine Mellen and this is my continuing life story.

My Review: I don’t want to dredge up horrific memories of the author’s childhood, thus I won’t be writing any of that in my review. If you have been abused in any way, please know this story is a huge trigger from start to finish. That doesn’t mean to not read this book as reading this book will also help many others. I recommend reading this book as the second book in this series, just like I’ve done as this book fills in plot areas in her first book. This story did trigger me throughout. The evil that some individuals do is more than horrific. Writing this book was therapeutic in getting it out, yet horrific for the memories.

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