The Day I Nearly Drowned #shortstory

From Amazon: “The day I nearly drowned, I was wearing a new swimming costume. Mum had always given me plain, navy, one-piece suits: sometimes second-hand, I realised now – their thin, elastic threads poking through the sheen of the fabric in barbs…”. The second collection in The Blue Hour series, The Day I Nearly Drowned continues an exploration of the challenges faced by ordinary people, at pivotal moments in their lives. A father is reunited with his daughter; a woman attends a funeral; a child almost drowns. Dreena Collins again brings us characters that will resonate – in tales full of twists, humour and emotion.

My Review: Dreena has a wonderful book of short stories that will have you trying to figure out where each story is headed. The writing style has an easy flow. Stories are unique. I loved one with a young mother as I could relate to parts of it, and I was surprised by how I was taken with the point of view of a dead woman watching her own funeral. Five shiny gold stars.

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