Against The Wind #ChildrensBook

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From Amazon: — Nokemes (grandmother), tell me, the kzel8msen that makes the leaves of the birch trees dance, where does it come from?— Gluskabe, that’s a very good question. Why do you want to know?— I just want to understand how nature works, nokemes.— Are you sure you don’t have a weird idea in mind? You look quite disheveled. You didn’t accidentally squabble with a puff of kzel8msen, did you? — Not at all, nokemes. This is just to increase my knowledge.— You promise me that you won’t meddle in what is none of your business if I tell you where the kzel8msen comes from?— I promise, nokemes. Gluskabe assured, fingers crossed behind his back… and our story begins.

My Review: I found this to be a nicely narrated story for kids with hand drawn illustrations. The main character finds out the hard way why he should not mess or try to change the winds or weather. Losing part of nature kills off other things. We should all be cognizant of what our own footprints leave.

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