Christmas Muddle by Robin Densmore Fuson

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From Amazon: Can a child’s doll change the way a person see’s God? Problems arise. Muddles happen. Attitudes need adjustment. CEO Anadara Richardson likes the way things run in her well-ordered world. For years, she’s “adopted” one-child families for Christmas and lavished them with gifts.

Zachary Hall is an entrepreneur who specializes in construction. He sponsors a different family each year for Christmas. This year, he’s excited over a special plan for the “adopted” family.

A computer glitch partners up Anadara and Zach to sponsor a large family with seven children. This is a huge snag in their plans, but they both trust the person who manages their “adoption” accounts.

Can they work together and pull off a great Christmas to a large family in need?

How many more glitches need to happen to bring these two together for the best Christmas ever?

Find out in this heartwarming Christmas romance.

My Review: I won’t recap the story but I will write my thoughts on what I read. This is a Christian romance centered around Christmas. The generosity of many of the characters helping families in need melted my heart as I’m doing the same for a local family each year. The warmth and the love is immensely giving me pause and reflect on Christmas when I was a child. Great read!

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