The Magic Vodka Wardrobe Book 5

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From Amazon: The next instalment of this wacky series is set between December 2019 and the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in February 2020. Still light-hearted and witty, book 5 starts in December 2019 with the General Elections. Aunt Sheila is deciding whether she should wear her peach coloured jacket to the first winter elections in one hundred years. Boris Johnson’s landslide win brings the usual customers into the little corner shop to have their say on the new weird haired Prime Minister. The girls continue to drink in the wardrobe with the funny little Sikh barman, Bachittar, who keeps the magical wardrobe spotlessly clean as the virus in Wuhan becomes ever more threatening. We have Shaz and Trace becoming more environmentally conscious. They even try to recycle their old clothes in the old wardrobe and avoid the fast fashion of Primark. They begin to follow Greta, the climate activist but it’s Mrs Singh who prays to the portrait of Greta daily. The local thrash metal band are wearing Witcher costumes and entertaining the clientele in the local Dog & Drum public house. We have Christmas, New Year, Megxit and a Royal visit to the hilly town in Yorkshire. We still have the lovesick Rajeev trying to win over the lovely Shaz, unfortunately he is still living in the caravan (RV) on the enormous grassy roundabout with his pal Gypo Bob. We have Odin Trevor, the ex-jailbird pigeon fanatic teaching Rajeev the tango while trying to stay on the good side of Mad Mush Martha, mother to all the sodding little Avengers. Read as a standalone or go back to the start, either way this little series is guaranteed to brighten up your day. Released at a time when the world needs a lift, we even have a guest chapter from the much talented Bjorn Larssen, look out for yippinglish and the Cheeky girls

My Review: This is book 5 in a series, and the first book I’ve read in this series. The books do not have to be read in any order. Patel has a unique writing style for sure. I seriously laughed out loud! The book incorporates real life issues with non sense. Quirky and uplifting.

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