Caged by Steel & Gems #dystopian

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From Amazon:

After the Final War swept away most of the earth’s population and left the land in ruins, an agreement was made between the Americas. Inside the protecting Wall, a marital binding between queens is arranged for peace. But the North and South don’t only share a treaty, they hide a secret. A genocide in plan to eliminate a defect. One that can revive the memories of the Old World and call an uprising bigger than the growing tides.

The twin heirs are forced to compete for one crown. Amelia and Veronica are a mirror in many ways, both as each others’ opposites and as a reflection. In a rising rebellion, Veronica’s heart is torn between saving her people and protecting her sister. Amelia can’t seem to get around the snarky Prince to keep the Americas in order. While Veronica works to save the free will of her people, Amelia manages her rule with complete control.

Will the serum destroy the minds of the Americas, or will the twin Heirs come together to stop the Council? Or, will one sister lose her freedom completely?

Sometimes what’s best for a country can come between the love of two sisters.

A rising rebellion.

A mind-controlling serum.

The North and South are divided by two crowns.

My Review:

Wow. This book is chock full of a last war post apocalyptic society. The Americas, separated by an amazing wall so high and stuffed full of technology appropriate to the story. I don’t like giving too much away, but this book has about anything you can think of. What was to be one twin chosen as queen it only the start. What if you were vaccinated, and lost your memories? Could a medicine to negate the vaccines be created?

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