A Child’s Love

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From Amazon:

“A Child’s Love” is a heartwarming story evoking the unbreakable chain of love between mother and daughter. It dares the reader to hold back tears as a mother watches her daughter become a mother herself, and the daughter then tends to the mother’s needs as time takes its inevitable toll. This “circle of life” process is keenly observed by the granddaughter, who will someday herself need to extend such care and compassion to her mother, thus allowing love, devotion and compassion to pass from one generation to the next.

My Review:

This is a perfect story told in rhyming words about the love of a mother and her child. Almost a complete cycle of human life. Litle girl who needs/loves her mother, she grows up, they still need each other and then near the end, the child is seen in a drawing depicting the grown child feeding her aged mother. Love is the greatest of all.

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